About Us


As a women-oriented brand, we started by asking ourselves the following questions: "What is motivated women while workout?", "How it feels to be a stylish woman in any sportive activity?"

The answer comes from daily lives. The hustle and bustle in women's lives lead them to move and take action. Although the intensity of their lives, they never give up and stay sacrificed about what they wanted to be. This is where we got our inspiration while we created BirdRiver and a reason to make women feel motivated, confident, strong and glitzy with Birdriver.  


About Us

Birdriver is a newborn London-based activewear brand which provides extreme quality, comfy and fancy Leggings, Jumpsuits, Sports Top & Sports Shorts at affordable prices for women. We distribute these products exclusively through Birdriver under the brand name Lismina. Manufactured by handcrafted with a special team who are specialist on sewing technique in Turkey. It's ideal for all body type and outdoor activities with its stretchy fabric.


Good News

We donate %2 of your orders to the association for the protection of birds.



We aim to give the best buying experiences and make you feel happier than ever.